The first model was created by Euclid in the 3rd century BC. He freed a point, a line, and a plane from the surface of the earth by placing them in an imaginary area. This technique clarified all concepts by offering transparent axioms and postulates for this purpose.

1) Definition…

Look into the Soul. 12) The logic of the movement of the soul.

1) The copying your structure is a property of inorganic and organic structures.

2) Inorganic structures remained in place, or lost the competition. They remained at the stage of transformation of raw materials into their structures.

3) The first step of organic structures was the transformation of raw materials into…

Look into the SOUL. 11) ID and EGO .

Interaction of ID and EGO or operation “ cover “ .

ID and EGO interact in many soul models as opposing sides. The constant struggle requires a lot of calories. …

To Look into a Soul. 10) The rules of conduct and spirits .

We have stopped at the fact that the number of behavior programs in the ID archive is growing immensely. The groupings appear in the form of flocks or tribes. The flock allows you to save kilocalories of…

I love the term "schemas". There are our successful life experiences , the our behavior programs. They turn on when memes that correspond to the past situation get into our souls.

Image-1 (2).jpg

It's like you can be on one of the branches. But the branches are intertwined in the wind. You sit on several at once

To Look into a Soul. 9) The behavior programs and behavior rules.

To Look into a Soul. 9) The behavior programs and behavior rules.

If the model responds to external influences and is not contradictory , then it probably exists in reality ( as a model of Lobachevsky’s geometry).


Dear Ms Minarella, Very good article! The budget execution requires saving kilocalories. The brain chooses the most economical program of behavior from its memory. Your model will become even more interesting.

To Look into a Soul. 8) The beginning of the soul model.

All logical constructions exist within our model.

The drawing shows an agate stone. Is it difficult to draw this stone?

Yes, if you copy all the patterns. But it is not difficult if you use acrylic spill and just pour the paints on the canvas.

In the same way, in…

Bravo! Let our ID evaluate the interlocutor. After all, we communicated for hundreds of thousands of years before the advent of spoken language. In our archive there are many programs for the behavior of evaluating the interlocutor by facial expressions, gestures and body movements. Thanks again!

Stanislav Matveev

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