Looking Into the Soul 28) Metaverse.

Before our eyes the meta universes are being born. But not in a single point, but in different points of an infinite digital space. And it puts us in a state of confusion. After all, we are used to the fact that everything is conceived in one point, under control. We ourselves are the product of this fertilization process. The universe was formed in a big bang. Life from prokaryotes. And now we are in turmoil. Our genetic memory tells us that we evolved from a single point. Our behavioral programs confirm that there must be one point of origin. One protoEva. That’s the way we’re set up.

It’s a New Digital World now. We enjoy using it. We communicate with many people, participate in different groups.

But the emergence of the Metaverses has thrown us into confusion. To be more exact, there are a lot of them and our brains cannot stand it.

Snowflakes form from the same celestial clouds, according to the same physical laws. But we can’t find two alike. Also billions of prokaryotes originated in the entire ocean. And now there are many Meta universes in the new digital space.

Since humans evolved from a single point, all behavioral programs only remember this logistics.

But how true is this?

Consider the origin of life on Earth.

The volume of oceans (water) on Earth is 1.35 billion cubic kilometers.

The size of one prokaryote is 1μm. Suppose that one prokaryote needs one meter cubic of water to develop. The distance between two prokaryotes in the ocean corresponds to the distance between Earth and Mars. As we can see, there is enough space to develop. And why do we think that the origin of life occurred in one point? There are a billion such points in the ocean that can evolve and multiply. And there won’t be one tree of evolution, but a whole forest of evolutionary trees. Then it will be more complicated, but more logical to imagine the origin of the diversity of living organisms. Many morphological evolutionary trees develop in parallel and intertwine with each other.

On this basis, we did not evolve from one protoEva but from many. And in a tough intraspecies struggle (scientists claim that Cro-Magnons ate Neanderthals), by cohabiting and loving each other, we created ourselves today.

We are on the threshold of a plurality of worlds. Above us is the New Digital World (NDW). We are still at the beginning of our journey. We participate in interest groups. We can participate in multiple groups. So far, it’s okay.

It’s like the Iroquois were able to find shelter, food, and love with the Mohicans, Hurons, and Delawares.

Or they might not have.

So now in the NCW we can be members of various open and

closed interest groups, or we may not, if the administrators and moderators (chiefs and shamans) feel that you don’t conform to their monopoly rules of conduct. Will these groups go the way of evolution? Will there be a different evolution? The groups will remain on the 1st floor of NCW development. The meta-universes will occupy the 2nd floor. People with different rules of behavior will exist simultaneously. As colonizers and colonized. They will be similar physically, speak similar languages, but NOT Understand each other. They will be from multiple worlds with different rules of behavior.

What will be the rules of the game between the Metaverses? Will they be able to converge? Our historical experience of tribal interaction tells us that this is a difficult task.

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