To Look into a Soul. 7) The kilocalories and the choices of the behavior programs.

Which organ of the human body consumes the most kilocalories?

That’s right, the brain!

When a meme or a combination of memes gets into our souls, it is compared with this reference, which is in the ID and EGO archives .

As a result:

1) The comparison happened. An appropriate program of behavior is included, which gave a positive result in the past.

The consumption of kilocalories is zero.

2) The comparison was partial. Pattern recognition and meme classification and identification begins. The consumption of kilocalories increases.

3) No comparison happened. No behavior program is included. The consumption of kilocalories is zero.

I have depicted the variant 2 model in the illustration.

Scientists Judson Brewer and by Sam the Harris called this process a Wandering Mind in the article Meditation experience is associated with different in default mode network activity and connectivity. Michael Papas wrote about this in Medium in the article The science is in: if you want to be happy, stop trying so hard.

The numbers are amazing. It turns out that our brain 50% of its time is in a state of a wandering mind , with a large expenditure of kilocalories. And when

the brain will be able to qualify and identify the resulting a meme schemes according to essential characteristics, then the corresponding behavior program is turned on . The consumption of kilocalories stops for this process.

The soul owner experiences spiritual relief.

If you notice an error in our scheme and prove it with arguments, then you will receive the 100 dollars.

See you….




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