To Look into a Soul.

I suggest you go on a new unknown journey. Even science fiction writers do not risk going on such a journey. Francesco Petrarca have climbed on such a journey 680 years ago. In our time, Michael Newton has opened the curtain over this mystery for the purpose of hypnosis. This direction is absent from the pocket computer fiction travel of Lem.

But this journey will not be an irresponsible flight of thought in an arbitrary direction.

This journey will not be easy. For each person understands only what he remembers.

We only understand what we remember! We are not only specific I, but all of us. In modern terms, we are a distributed memory , each unit of which is capable of receiving and emitting memes .

We will go into a unknown , relying on the known.

“We re-experience all human ancestors in ourselves and live their lives. We penetrate our cellular memory by moving along the DNA helix. Our memory is stored in the “archives” of our cells. In us live in men and women who were once born and loved, fought and died. In us live our ugly and beautiful strong and weak, brave and cowardly, greedy and generous, evil and kind, stupid and wise, low and noble ancestors. Our fathers, who became protein molecules in the sky, are within us; and our full-breasted mothers who gave us a name are also in us. Warm-blooded, woolly, sweaty, smelly, staunchly fighting primates emerged from the darkness in an endless chain in order to see the light of the sun for a split second and have time to inherit the precious flame of life.

Excerpt from the book

Leary Timothy. “The seven languages of God .”

We will go on a journey relying on:

1) the opinions of thinkers of the 21st century;

2) the laws of logic;

3) the axioms of fiction for the soul (I will write about them next time).

If you notice an error in our scheme and prove it with arguments, then you will receive a 100 bonus 100 dollars.

See you….


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