To look into the soul. 17) Initial data for a model of the soul and its environment.A model is an abstract system of rules by which an object and its possible behavior can be modeled

The first model was created by Euclid in the 3rd century BC. He freed a point, a line, and a plane from the surface of the earth by placing them in an imaginary area. This technique clarified all concepts by offering transparent axioms and postulates for this purpose.

1) Definition of the soul model.

In our case we regard the soul model as an imaginary shell inside which the programs of behavior are located.

2) Definition of the habitat of the soul model.

This is an imaginary space of rules of behavior filled with memes. (100 million memes affect our model every second).

1.1) The structure of the soul model.

Inside the imaginary shell of behavior programs are two arrays of behavior programs,

1.1.1) The first array let’s call ID (in our mind this name means unconscious behavior programs).

1.1.2) The second array will be called EGO (in our mind, this name stands for conscious behavior programs).

1.1.3) Unconscious programs of behavior were stored in the ID array, because they had a positive result in the process of physical evolution. They were stored along with the signal codes to which they responded.

1.1.4) Conscious programs of behavior were stored in the EGO array, because they had a positive result in the process of human communication evolution.

1.1.5) With a certain set of memes, behavioral programs from both the ID array and the EGO array can be included. The selection is carried out by a block called CONSCIOUSNESS. The selection criteria are: a) minimum consumption of kilocalories to execute the behavior program, b) minimum execution time.

1.1.6) A successful set of behavior programs forms an archetype. Its execution saves even more kilocalories and time.

1.1.7) All models have the same set of behavior programs, but each behavior program differs from model to model in strength and duration of action.

2.1) Three types of models can be designated according to their purpose:



-predator -parasite

2.2) In order to perform a common local task, a set of rules of behavior must appear.

2.3) The set of rules of behavior develops and forms in the imaginary space a shell of rules of behavior.

2.4) The rules of behavior affect the soul models of the local society and form in each model’s EGO the necessary programs of behavior.

2.5) This set of rules of behavior exists in imaginary space, and each soul of the tribe is subject to these rules of behavior.

In order not to overload the souls, we will stop here for now. In the future, we will fantasize together with you (strictly following logic):

-a) how EGO covers up an ID in order to achieve a goal;

-b) how ID falls in love and disconnects all of EGO’s programs;

c) how the rules of behavior begin to form complex structures, the interaction of which forms the imaginary rules of the game…….